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Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

Whelan & Associates provides forensic accounting services, expert reports and expert testimony for arbitrations and trials. Dan Whelan has extensive experience in fraud matters and has testified before judges and juries a multitude of times.

Whelan & Associates is also a highly skilled litigation support partner for law firms and corporate counsels. Our team has the ability to locate and interview individuals in time sensitive litigation support situations requiring information for depositions or cross-examinations of witnesses and opposing experts.


Disputes and Investigations

From internal C-level corporate investigations to whistle blowers, corruption, theft of trade secrets or a myriad of other issues, Whelan & Associates will assist in providing a strategic investigative plan as well as interviews of the appropriate witnesses needed to establish the facts of the matter. In the matter of internal embezzlements, the evidence can be reviewed and appropriate individuals identified and interviewed with the goal of a full confession and return of stolen property. In addition, the investigative report can be delivered to the proper law enforcement or prosecutorial agency if requested.

Whelan & Associates can provide the investigative plan and process to form a factual basis and resolve disputes involving a multitude of issues to include family law matters, employment issues and insurance fraud. Whether it is interviews, surveillances, financial/document reviews or all of these techniques, Whelan & Associates has the expertise to reach your goals efficiently and effectively.


Due Diligence and Background Investigations

Whether it be a prospective business partner, investor, vendor, subcontractor, customer or new employee, it is vital to have the most transparent view of your new association prior to any agreement. The price of learning about past problems and issues after the fact has become all too costly even, at times, devastating. Valuable and useful due diligence goes far beyond the standard all-in-one database search. Whelan & Associates’ due diligence package involves a complete professional review and can include interviews of related parties, surveillances, confirmation of resumes and other information supplied by the subject.


Security Matters

For corporate, residence or somewhere in between, Whelan & Associates can provide you with the necessary advice and resources to mitigate your risk against known and unknown threats, to include the termination of potentially hostile employees, transportation of valuables and other security needs.